PHOENIX, Arizona – Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin shows support for the chamber’s chief of staff following his arrest and subsequent DUI conviction.

Tobin has stated that he still has “complete confidence” in Victor Riches, even after he pleaded guilty to DUI after being arrested back in April 2010.

In addition to driving under the influence, cocaine was discovered in the vehicle Riches had rented and was driving. However, he was not prosecuted for the illicit drug because Phoenix police didn’t believe that they could prove that the cocaine was Riches’.

Tobin admits that Riches told him what happened last year and that Riches took full responsibility for his mistake.”

Riches, 39, was arrested on April 18, 2010, after being pulled over around midnight and failing a blood alcohol test. His BAC level was at 0.25 percent – over three times the legal limit.

He pleaded guilty to one count of extreme DUI in a plea bargain that allowed 3 of his other DUI charges to get dismissed.

Riches was sentenced to 45 days in jail. He surrendered on Aug. 28 and served 48 hours in jail with 13 days on work-release from jail and 30 days of house arrest.

Although he pleaded guilty to DUI, Riches denied that the cocaine was his. Sgt. Trent Crump said that because the car was rented and because no one saw Riches with the drug, he could not be proven guilty of its possession.

While it couldn’t be proved that the cocaine was his, apparently, the DUI was not enough to get Riches fired from his job.

“Victor came forward last year about this incident and was honest about it. Based on his candor, solid performance before and after this incident and commitment to handling it appropriately and doing what was necessarily legal, I made the decision to keep him on staff,” said Kirk Adams in a statement.

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