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Woman Sentenced to Eight Years for Drugged Driving Accident

Anti pyschotic 300x200Rogersville, TN- Keila Rose Reed, a Rogersville woman who had been taking a host of prescription drugs before she caused a fatal DUI accident last year has been sentenced to nine years in jail.

Reed, 29, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and aggravated reckless assault in a Hawkins County Court Wednesday, the Times News reported. In addition to the jail sentence, Reed was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and will have her license suspended for 10 years.

On April 9, 2013, Reed was east near Hawkins Count Elementary School when she lost control and veered into oncoming traffic, slamming head-on into a car driven by 80 year-old Lucille L. Melton who had a 9 year-old passenger.

Melton initially survived her injuries, but she died five days later at the Holston Valley Medical Center. Her young passenger suffered serious brain injuries.

Immediately after the accident police has Reed’s blood drawn for chemical testing. According to arresting Officer Mark Cook, Reed, “had slurred speech, and her eyes were dilated.” He said she admitted to taking “some methadone, some ‘Roxies’ and some Lortabs,” prior to the crash.

Her toxicology test report showed her blood to contain oxycodone, methadone, diazepam, nordazepam and alprazolam, according to the New Times.

Cook also told the Times News he believes she was speeding before she crashed into Melton’s vehicle, but he said judging by the impact of the crash she was driving well-above the posted speed limit. “I asked her about the wreck and Ms. Reed told me she didn’t remember what happened,” Cook said.

Reed was initially charged with aggravated assault, but after Melton passed police changed her charges.

Lately, there has been a […]

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Two Teens and Good Samaritan Killed By Drunken Driver

Miami, FL- A Good Samaritan and two teenage girls who gathered on a Miami street following a traffic accident were killed early Sunday morning when an alleged drunken driver slammed into them.

According to reports, two 17-year-old girls, Anapaula Saldana and Caroline Agreda, struck a SUV at the intersection of SW 157th Ave. and 56th St. around 3:00 a.m. Sunday. The girls were standing along the road as several motorists and pedestrians gather at the accident scene. Most of the motorists stayed in their vehicles, but one man did not and that would prove to be a fatal mistake.

Eduardo Hernandez was passing by the accident scene with his father and young son when he stopped to offer assistance to the girls, and the driver of the SUV, 68 year-old Josefa Quinones who was injured and remained in her vehicle. Not long after Hernandez, a father of three stopped, another motorist approached the scene at a high rate of speed and slammed into the Good Samaritan and the two girls, killing them instantly.

Hernandez’s father told the Miami Herald that he asked his son to stay in the car, but true to his nature, Hernandez insisted on offering his help.

Quinones was also injured and as of Monday was still in the hospital listed in fair condition.

One witness Rolando Jiménez, who had also stopped to help, told the Herald, “Someone was flying down Miller going at least 80 mph and didn’t see the accident or have enough time to slow down.”

“We saw him,” witness Julian Villegas told CBS Miami. “We looked to the right and saw his headlights coming straight down the street … no screeching, no braking, no nothing.”

Christopher Massferrer, 30, the man behind the wheel, struck […]

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Drugged Driver Wreaks Havoc at Colorado Dealership

Car CrashGreenwood Village, CO- Police suspect that the driver who crashed into a Greenwood Village patrol car and wreaked havoc at a local dealership last week causing damage to over two dozen new cars was under the influence of drugs.

According to authorities, Jacob Jerrod Lopez clipped a patrol car that was parked on Clifton Court around 10 a.m. last Thursday. After sideswiping the patrol car, Lopez stopped in the middle of the road and when the officer approached his car he appeared to be disoriented and assaulted the officer, CBS Denver reported.

Immediately after the assault, Lopez hit the gas pedal and attempted to flee the scene. He then ran over a curb and a sidewalk before crashing into a utility pole.

Lopez’s car went into a roll and repeatedly struck cars in the parking lot of the Arapahoe Kia Dealership. During the rollover he struck four new cars. 9 News reported that Lopez’s car landed on top of some of the new car. Twenty cars in total were damaged by flying debris as a result of the drugged driving accident. Some of the vehicles sustained major damage to the front end, while other vehicles had paint damage and cracked windshields.

At one point while his car was out of control, Lopez crossed over into oncoming lanes but didn’t strike any other vehicles.

Once Lopez’s car came to a rest, the officer approached his vehicle to see if he was okay. Lopez was awake and after the officer pulled him from the wreckage, he took off on foot. The officer chased him down after a short foot chase and he was taken into custody.

Lopez […]

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Tampa Bay Lightning’s Ryan Malone Charged with DUI, Cocaine Possession

Ryan Malone MugshotTampa Bay, FL- Ryan Malone, forward for the Tampa Bay Lightning was arrested early Saturday morning for driving under the influence and cocaine possession.

Malone was pulled over by Tampa police around 3:15 a.m. Saturday after he attempted to make a left turn onto Platt Street from the center lane off of South Armenian Lane. After making the turn, Malone who was driving a Chevy Suburban, slammed into a curb, USA Today reported.

Police determined Malone was intoxicated and placed him under arrest for driving under the influence. During the arrest police discovered he had a small bag in his back right pocket which contained 1.3 grams of cocaine.

Malone initially refused to submit to field sobriety tests, but, according to USA Today, he later consented to breath tests. Two separate breath tests showed his blood alcohol content was .116 and .112, well over Florida’s .08 legal limit.

Malone was charged with DUI and cocaine possession. He was released early Sunday after posting a $2,500 bond.

“We are aware of the situation concerning Ryan Malone this morning,” Tampa Bay general manager Steve Yzerman said in a statement released by the team. “Ryan will not travel with the team to Washington today but beyond that we cannot comment further at this time.”

“Under the terms of the collectively bargained joint NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program, Mr. Malone is subject to mandatory evaluation and, if deemed necessary by the Program Doctors, treatment pursuant to the terms of that Program. His future playing status, both in the near term and during the Playoffs, will be determined in accordance the terms of our SABH Program,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill […]

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Alabama LB Dillon Lee Arrested for Drunken Driving

Dillon Lee MugshotTuscaloosa, AL- Crimson Tide linebacker Dillon Lee was arrested on DUI charges Thursday after his involvement in a minor traffic accident.

Tuscaloosa police were called to the scene of a minor accident on 31st Street at approximately 2 a.m. because one of the parties was allegedly drunk. According to local Fox affiliate WBRC, police “found cause to charge Lee with driving under the influence.”  No one was injured.

Police did not provide any other details of Lee’s arrest.

Lee, who is vying to for a starting position in the 2014 season, was taken to the Tuscaloosa County jail where he was held until he sobered up and paid a $1,000 fine.

“I don’t have all of the details at this point and will handle it appropriately once I’ve had a chance to review all of the information,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said in a statement released by Alabama media relations.

According to, Lee is this second Crimson Tide player to be arrested this spring and the third for the year. Cornerback Tony Brown was arrested for failure to obey and resisting arrest for which he received youthful offender treatment. Altee Tenpenny, running back for Crimson Tide had his marijuana possession charges dropped as long as he keeps his nose clean.

A DUI arrest has an effect on anyone, but the impact can be greater on a college athlete who is on the verge of having a promising career. When a college athlete is convicted of a DUI, they face suspension and in some cases could be kicked off the team. This also means that they could lose their scholarship, and if they are unable to secure […]

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