02 28 2012 DUI Lawyers News BlogDENVER – Colorado lawmakers have voted on a bill to set a standard when determining if drivers are impaired when operating vehicles under the influence of marijuana.

A Senate committee voted Monday to endorse a proposal for determining if a driver is intoxicated with marijuana. According to the bill, the driver would be considered impaired if they test positive for 5 nanograms or more of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in the drug, per milliliter of blood.

There have been disagreements over whether a THC test is a fair determinant of whether a driver is impaired, but the Senate panel voted for it and the measure will now move to the full chamber.

“The privilege of smoking marijuana should stop at the vehicle door,” said the bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Steve King, of Grand Junction.

Those against the bill argue that since THC is stored in the body’s fat, levels can build up over a period of time, causing skewed results. However, those pushing for the bill argue that the level of THC is significant enough to judge impairment.

Different states have varying laws over the legal limit for marijuana consumption. Some allow marijuana use for medical purposes, some have a set limit of THC allowable, while some have a zero-tolerance policy.

The bill still has to clear the full Senate before heading to the Republican House. If it passes, the bill would end up costing over half a million dollars to implement next year.

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