MIAMI, FL – A Coral Gables man accused of killing a teenage girl while under the influence is to be let out of jail on a $205,000 bond.

Sandor Guillen, 38, has been charged with several crimes, including DUI manslaughter, for causing a crash on April 13 that led to the death of 13-year-old Kaely Camacho.

According to police, Guillen was driving his girlfriend’s 2010 Range Rover southbound on the U.S. 1 busway over 100 miles an hour when he crashed into the Camacho family’s minivan.

The impact tore the minivan in half but Guillen kept driving and then tried to stumble away from the scene on foot.

Guillen will be let out on the condition he wear a GPS monitor and remain at home except when meeting with his lawyer or to go to work.

A Miami-Dade judge initially held him on a $1 million bond, but lowered the bond due to Guillen’s family’s financial situation. Both of Guillen’s parents, who are from Nicaragua, agreed to surrender their passports, as did Guillen, who is an American citizen.

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