TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL – A drunk driving lawyer has defended a client who was suspected of being under the influence when he struck and killed an eight-year-old girl, claiming he was not intoxicated.

Northport police charged Danny Smith, 64, with DUI, vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and assault. According to his drunk driving lawyer, Bob Prince, Smith is very remorseful but is not guilty of some of the charges he is facing.

“The rumor mill is that he was blind drunk, but he was not,” alleges Prince.

Smith was struck and killed Haylee Burks with his truck and injured her three-year-old sister and mother. According to Prince, Smith has a medical condition that he believes is what really caused the accident.

“You can have a low amount of alcohol in your system but the effects would be enhanced by things like a medical condition or medicines themselves,” added Prince. “The rumor that he was drunk is not true. There were witnesses who were with him that day out there at Dixie Air who say he was not under the influence of alcohol.”

Prince does not deny that alcohol was not involved and admits that his client may have had a beer or two but says that the drinks did not play a factor in the crash.

“You could sip a beverage and not be under the influence of alcohol, not be uncoordinated. That’s not against the law to drink and drive it’s only if you’re under the influence,” said Prince.

Smith is expected to enter a not guilty plea at his arraignment.

If you have been charged with DUI, turn to a drunk driving lawyer immediately to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.