Actress Estella Warren, famous for starring in “The Planet of the Apes,” entered a plea of no contest to DUI charges stemming from an arrest in May.

Warren was arrested after she crashed into three cars, attacked a police officer and attempted to escape from jail. She got a deal from prosecutors, who allowed her to plead guilty to DUI and dropped the other charges, which included hit and run driving, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Warren will not have to spend any time in jail. She was ordered to enter into rehab for 6 months, and will serve five years of informal probation. The right DUI attorney, who is highly-skilled, can make deals with judges or prosecutors to help an individual avoid jail.

Warren has a previous DUI arrest from 2007. Her current sentence seems light considering the severity of the charges she faced. For most people, receiving a similarly light requires the representation of an accomplished DUI lawyer.

A hearing is set for October 7th to determine if she will have to pay restitution. She must also pay approximately $1,700 in fines.

A drunken driving charge is a serious thing to face. Generally, the penalties are much more severe than what Warren has experienced, especially for a second offence. A DUI attorney can make it possible to avoid jail by entering into a treatment program or having a breathalyzer ignition device installed into their vehicles.