We are aware how alcohol impairs a person’s ability to drive, and what level of alcohol is legally allowable before a person can be charged with a DUI. However, there is little known about the effects that marijuana has on a person’s driving skills.

A third of the nation’s states have legalized marijuana for medical use. In the ensuing time, the rate of traffic fatalities caused by drugged drivers, who did not have alcohol in their system, has increased by 55 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A road assessment conducted by the NHTSA found that 16 percent of night drivers nationwide had some form of drugs in their system, over half tested positive for marijuana.

Despite the type of intoxicant in a person’s system, they will need to hire a DUI attorney to defend them in court.

There is no federal regulation on the legal allowable amount of marijuana a person can have in their systems to be charged with a DUI. Thirteen states have a zero tolerance policy, but many rely on the judgment of police officers. There is little information on the ways in which marijuana affects a person’s driving, which the Federal Government is currently studying.

Even though driving under the influence of any substance is illegal many will continue to endanger their lives and others. Getting a DUI charge is serious and requires the help of a DUI lawyer. Authorities will punish DUI offender very harshly, and only a DUI attorney can make it possible to have the penalties reduced.