Des Moines, IA- Former Senate Majority Leader Jeff Lamberti was arrested over the weekend for suspicion of drunk driving.

Police stopped Lamberti Friday around 10 p.m. when they observed him weaving on Interstate 235. According to the police report, Lamberti said he was texting and only had two beers.

The actual number of beers changed over the course of their conversation from two to four then six. Even after two beers, a person can have blood alcohol levels that can result in a DUI, but with an expert Iowa DUI attorney the offender may have their initial charges reduced.

A police officer also reported that Lamberti had a cup and nearly empty bottle of whisky in his car. Two tests revealed that his blood alcohol content was two times the legal limit.

A high blood alcohol level determines whether a person is charged with DUI or DWI, with each offense having serious consequences, and in many cases can land a person in jail. 

A skilled DUI lawyer will work diligently to keep their clients out of jail. They can also request that the court allow a person to retain their driving privileges.

Lamberti told a local newspaper that he made a “stupid mistake” that won’t happen again.       

Most drunk drivers don’t realize that they are too intoxicated to drive when they get behind the wheel. This mistake can not only affect a person’s future but will also stay on their records for many years. Beating a DWI or DUI is possible, but the accused will need to find a knowledgeable Iowa DUI attorney to develop and effective defense strategy.