UTAH – A judge has ruled against a Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. in favor of a convicted felon in a rare case that could impact the future of DUI trials.

On Tuesday, Third District Court Judge Mark Kouris found that officer Lisa Steed gave a false testimony last month about reprimands that were issued to her. Using this to rule in the separate DUI case, Kouris found that he could not rely on Steed’s testimony that DUI suspect Theron Alexander had a broken license plate on the night she pulled him over and arrested him.

The charges against Alexander were immediately dropped.

“I think it’s fair to say it wasn’t truthful,” Judge Mark Kouris said of Steed’s testimony last month.

Steed’s attorney, Greg Skordas, does not believe the ruling will impact his client’s career, but thinks it will lead future cases involving Steed to be examined more closely.

“Her cases will be scrutinized on a case by case basis henceforth,” said Skordas. “We’ll have to see if there are similar motions filed.”

Steed pulled Alexander, 34, over on Jan. 2, 2010 for a faulty license plate light. She then charged him with drug possession and drunk driving.

Alexander, who has previously been convicted of drug possession, testified the light had been working, but also admitted to having used heroin earlier that day.

Steed’s dashcam video was inconclusive and due to her prior testimony and the fact that there was no evidence to corroborate her story, Kouris ruled in favor of Alexander’s testimony.

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