LOS ANGELES, California – After failing to attend a hearing last week for her probation, actress and singer, Lindsay Lohan finally appeared in court after pleading guilty to drug charges and no contest to three DUI charges back in 2007.

The judge court-ordered her to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet at all times as well as to undergo drug testing on a weekly basis and attend an alcohol education program.

Lohan’s DUI lawyer attempted to contest the bracelet ruling but eventually submitted to the order after the judge said she would list all the reasons why she is requiring Lohan to wear the device.

Lohan missed her original hearing due to the fact that she was in Cannes, France and was reported to have lost her passport.  Her DUI lawyer claims that her passport was stolen, preventing her from returning home in time for the hearing.

Lohan is scheduled to return to court in July and must not remove the bracelet until then.