03 08 2012 DUI Lawyers News BlogVIRGINIA BEACH – A Virginia Beach motorist was convicted to seven years in prison after he violated his probation following his 25th DUI arrest.

Tracy Michael Decker, 39, was convicted of DUI in Virginia Beach in July 2006 and was given a 20-year sentence with 15 years suspended. He was then arrested three times for DUI in Alabama between January and April of 2011, violating his probation.

This week, Virginia Beach Circuit Court Judge Stephen C. Mahan revoked that suspended sentence and re-suspended eight years, leaving Decker with seven years to serve. Decker must remain on good behavior for 20 years after his release, must obtain substance abuse treatment and will not be allowed to drive for 20 years after he is released.

These were just the most recent charges Decker has incurred after driving under the influence. Macie Pridgen, spokeswoman for the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney office, said he has been arrested at least 25 times for DUI, twice in Virginia.

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