MILTON, FL — A Pace man was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Tuesday for a DUI Manslaughter conviction.

Ronnie L. Henley, 50, of Pace was hit was a slew of sentences in court last Tuesday. He was sentenced to 15 years for DUI manslaughter, 20 years for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in a death and for possession of marijuana.

Henley was arrested on April 10, 2010 after being involved in a car accident on Highway 90 in Pace where he cut off a motorcycle being driven by victim Matthew Harrison.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, the tail end of Henley’s car ran over the victim. Harrison, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Assistant State Attorney Jennie Kinsey noted that at the time of the accident, Henley’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit of 0.08 and argued that Henley never even showed remorse for what transpired.

“Mr. Henley has refused to accept his responsibility for this accident,” said Kinsey. “In the letter from him read by his attorney he said ‘the role the family thinks he played.’ He knew what was going on. It was still light outside, but he told those who stopped him that it was just a little dent, just a little bump. And on the witness stand he said he ‘f’ed’ up.”

Among those in the courtroom on Tuesday were Senator Greg Evers, who introduced a bill to establish stricter penalties for accidents that involve motorcyclists, and members of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Florida ABATE.

“We were here today to support the family,” said Gulf Coast Chapter President Gary “Satch” VerCrouse. “All we are fighting for is equal rights, which is our biggest issue. In most cases people will say they didn’t see them, if they weren’t on a motorcycle, or it is only a biker. But our biggest thing is to fight for our right on the road just like anyone has a right to drive a car and do so safely.”

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