In Naperville, Illinois the erratic behavior of a person driving a red Porsche the wrong way near a toll way caused the death of two people and injuries to others.

The accident happened on Saturday in a congested area. Witnesses say they saw money flying out of the Porsche window before the fatal accident. The driver had used an emergency vehicle turnaround to go the wrong way down I-88 during heavy traffic when he collided head on with the victims’ car. The fatally injured victims are Sherali Shalwani , 71 and Farzana Ali, 37 of Elmhurst, Illinois.

The Porsche driver William Howe was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries and hasn’t been charged for anything related to the collision.

An investigation into Howe’s past revealed he had three previous DUIs. The latest one stems from an arrest in November of 2010, where the police noted he had three empty beer bottles in his car. At that time, he asked for a public defender instead of hiring a DUI attorney, citing financial troubles.

Howe also had two previous DUI arrests, one in 2008 and 1999. The 2008 arrest was expunged from his record despite the objections of Illinois Police because he wasn’t convicted.

Repeat offenders are often treated harshly to prevent harm to others, but in Howe’s case he was give leniency because he has Huntington’s disease. He, like many repeat offenders, didn’t consider the safety of others when they got behind the wheel. Even repeat offenders are entitled to a defense a DUI attorney can provide.

First DUI offenders are often people who make one mistake and when they are assisted by a DUI lawyer can ask for a reduction in their sentencing.