SPOKANE, WA – A Spokane man admitted to drunk driving when he was arrested in March for his fifth DUI and had his prison time cut almost in half.

Jeffrey Alan Kern, 58, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Franklin County Superior Court to felony DUI. In exchange for the guilty plea, Deputy Prosecutor Teddy Chow agreed to drop the driving with a suspended license charge and recommended a very lax sentence of two years and five months in prison.

Kern has four prior DUI convictions, but Chow said many of them occurred in the ’70s and ’80s.

“When this occurred, he was fairly new out of prison,” said Chow. “I think he really needs treatment…”

Kern was arrested March 3 by a Washington State Patrol trooper who observed him speeding 20 miles over the 50 mph limit on Interstate 182 in Pasco. Kern was not wearing a seat belt and the trooper explained Kern’s eyes were “watery, bloodshot and very droopy.”

Tests concluded Kern’s blood-alcohol level was 0.13 percent, which is over the legal limit of .08 percent.

Kern was arraigned in April and his trial is set for May 23.

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