An intoxicated driving charge is a major pain and after hiring a DUI attorney, paying the fines and having a breathalyzer installed in your vehicle it can cost a person thousands. Not to mention you face losing your driver’s license and even spending time in jail.

People will do just about anything to avoid a DUI, even have sex with an unattractive police officer.

Just yesterday, St Louis County prosecutors charged Timothy Jones, a 48 year old Country Club Hills police officer with acceding to corruption by a public servant.

Last November, Jones stopped a 24 year old young woman on Interstate 70 for suspicion of drunk driving. He asked her to submit to a field sobriety tests and determined that she was intoxicated. But instead of putting her under arrest he told her she could avoid the charge if she would have sex with him. She agreed, and they went to her house to engage in several sexual acts.

Hiring a DUI lawyer sounds like a better option, when you consider the officer’s appearance. He was only caught because two other officers found the woman’s cell phone in his patrol car and called her mother. The young woman’s mother relayed the story to the officers. He was still employed until a few months ago while an investigation was pending.

Finding an experienced St. Louis DUI attorney is a much better option. They may be able reduce sentences and diminish the penalties.