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Actress Sally Struthers Pleads Not Guilty to DUI, What are the Possible Defense Strategies for Beating a Conviction?

Actress Sally StruthersYork, ME- Actress Sally Struthers has pleaded not guilty to charges that she was driving drunk while in Maine where she was preforming in a play.

Struthers, who is most well-known for her role in 70s sitcom “All in the Family” was stopped by police on September 12th just after midnight and charged with OUI, operating under the influence, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Although Struthers, 65, lives in Los Angles she frequently travels to Maine to perform at the Ogunquit Playhouse.

She did not appear in court, instead she has he lawyer enter her plea of not guilty. Though drunk driving is serious, if Struthers’ is convicted of the charge she could lose her license for 90 days and be required to pay a $400 fine.

Her attorney has been proactive and has already filed a number or motions. One in particular asks that the statements she made to police during her arrest be inadmissible in court.

While it is in the interest of public safety to keep drunk drivers off the road, there are many instances when people are wrongfully arrested and charged with DUI. So people must be aware that they have rights and it is possible to avoid an unnecessary conviction.

In order for a person to stop a DUI conviction, they must be proactive and contact a qualified DUI attorney immediately. If you talk to a lawyer when an event is fresh in your mind you may be able to relate valuable information that can be forgotten over time.

There are several issues which can be raised when building a defense that could stop a drunken driving conviction.

The first effective […]

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Amanda Bynes Denies DUI Arrest, But Appears in Court to Post Bail

Los Angeles, CA- Talk about a serious case of denial; actress Amanda Bynes denied that she was arrested for DUI when she recently spoke with People magazine.

In a phone conversation, the actress who has had a number of encounters with the law for her numerous traffic accidents told People, “I am doing amazing… I am retired as an actor. I am moving to New York to launch my career. I am doing a fashion line. I am not talking about being arrested for DUI because I don’t drink and I don’t drink and drive. It’s all false.”

While a public denial might be a good defense strategy, but her friends are concerned about her well-being. A source told People, “She tells people she doesn’t party or drink. She doesn’t realize she has a problem.”

Bynes was arrested for drunk driving in April after she sideswiped a police car in her black BMW. The arresting officer had reason to believe she was intoxicated and placed her under arrest.

TMZ reported that Bynes appeared in court on Wednesday to fight the District Attorney’s request to impose a $50,000 bail for the DUI arrest. She was lucky; the judge in the case denied the bail, but warned her if she got into any more trouble she would be sent to jail.

Over the past few months Bynes has been involved in a number of traffic accidents which resulted in a suspended license. Last week, captured photos of Bynes driving around Los Angeles, smoking what appeared to be a marijuana pipe.

Bynes doesn’t seem to understand the seriousness of her DUI; given her driving record she could very well be facing jail time and the […]

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“All in the Family” Actress Busted for DUI in Maine

Ogunquit, ME- Stories of celebrities who are arrested for intoxicated driving seem to surface on a weekly basis. This time it’s actress Sally Struthers who is best known for her role as Archie Bunker’s daughter in late 70s sitcom “All in the Family.”

Struthers was arrested shortly after midnight on Wednesday. Police placed her in handcuffs and charged her with OUI, operating under the influence. Since this was a misdemeanor charge, her bond was only $160 and she was freed shortly after her arrest. Her court date is in early December.

OUIs are used only in a few states, and people can be charged with this offense if they are intoxicated and seated behind the wheel of their vehicle even if it isn’t in motion.

A rep for the actress told People, “Sally is working and she is fine and she loves the Ogunquit Playhouse and her yearly time in Ogunquit. We deny these charges.”

If convicted she could lose her license for 90 days and pay a $500 fine.  While these may not be the harshest of charges, a conviction would mar her permanent record and become even more costly, mostly through insurance premiums.

But a denial isn’t enough if Struthers wants to beat the conviction she needs to hire an accomplished DUI attorney to develop a defense strategy.

A strong defense can help a person beat an OUI conviction or allow them to plea for a lesser charge, stopping them from receiving a harsh penalty.

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Amanda Bynes in Trouble with Police Yet Again

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Amanda Bynes just can’t seem to stay out of trouble these days. The former “What I Like About You” starlet had another brush with the law Sunday night after being pulled over by Los Angeles police for not having her head lights on.

Bynes had her license suspended Sept. 6 pending the outcome of several other traffic infractions she committed, including two alleged hit-and-run incidents and a suspicion of DUI arrest. Although she was driving with a suspended license on Sunday, police were feeling benevolent and let her get off on a verbal warning.

The actress hasn’t had the best of luck with authorities in the past few months. She was pulled over last March for talking on her cell phone while driving and sped off before the officer could issue a citation, was arrested for DUI in April, four days later was involved in one hit-and-run and the following month was allegedly involved in another.

The 26-year-old faces up to one year in jail if she is found guilty of the hit-and-run incidents. She is expected to be arraigned on the charges later this month.

It is unclear as to whether Bynes was able to get her license reinstated by the time she was pulled over on Sunday, but given such a short span of time, it is highly unlikely.

Although Bynes keeps getting in trouble, she keeps dodging bullets. Her luck may very well be attributed to the only wise choice she has made this year – hiring a top DUI lawyer.

DUI attorneys protect you from incurring the most severe penalties for your crime and will see to it your rights are upheld. Call to […]

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Jessica Simpson’s Dad Arrested for DUI

Pop singer/actress Jessica Simpson’s dad has been charged with two counts of driving under the influence stemming from an August 4 arrest.

Joe Simpson was arrested during a DUI checkpoint in Sherman Oaks, CA. After being issued a breathalyzer test, he blew a .12 percent, which is over the legal limit of .08 percent.
Following the arrest, the L.A. City Attorney filed two counts of misdemeanor DUI against Joe. If he is found guilty of one charge, he can spend a maximum of six months in prison. If found guilty on both counts, he might face up to 36 months probation and a $1,000 fine. So much for his squeaky clean image.

Usually, as a first time offender, Joe might be able to walk away from his case with only a fine and probation, but it is in his best interest to solicit the help of a top DUI lawyer to ensure his case ends as favorably as possible.

Joe Simpson is scheduled to go before the judge later this month.

Although Joe Simpson might walk away from his case ahead, many other similar cases are convicted to their fullest degree.  There are even motorists who were arrested for DUI without even having taken a breathalyzer test. They were merely charged on officer suspicion alone. If you were arrested for intoxicated driving, don’t let someone else determine your fate. Take matters into your own hands and work with a DUI attorney to fight for your rights.

DUI lawyers work hard to reduce or eliminate the charges against you. They will see to it your rights are protected and that the best outcome for your case is attained. Turn to an acclaimed DUI […]

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