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Former Pro Football Player Ray Buchannan Charged with DUI

Atlanta, GA- Former Atlanta Falcon defensive back Ray Buchannan was charged with DUI and speeding this Saturday, his 41st birthday.

Buchannan, who retired from the Falcons in 2003, was spotted driving at 95 mph on I-85 around a.m. in Gwinnett County, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  The posted speed on the area is 65 mph.

An officer also observed him weaving in and out of traffic without using his turn indicator. The officer turned on their lights, but Buchannan continued driving. After a quarter of a mile, he crossed several lanes of traffic before he stopped. 

Buchannan was taken into custody once police suspected he was intoxicated. A breathalyzer taken at the police station showed that his blood alcohol level was .091. In the state of Georgia, a driver can be charged with DUI if their BAC is above .08.

Buchannan spent the rest of his birthday in jail. He was releases Sunday after posting bail. His charges include DUI, speeding and improper lane change.

When a drunken person gets behind the wheel they often don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Since they pose a danger to the safety of other drivers, the penalties for this charge, even if it is a first offense, can be severe, often resulting in jail time and a loss of driving privileges.

The impact of an intoxicated driving charge can be lessened with the skills and expertise of an Atlanta DUI attorney and an effective defense strategy.

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Detroit Lions Cut Aaron Berry Following DUI and Assault Arrests

The Detroit Lions have decided to cut cornerback Aaron Berry after he was arrested for the second time less than a month.

Berry, 24, was arrested around 2:30 a.m. Saturday in Harrisburg, Pa., and charged with three counts of simple assault. Last month, the NFL star was arrested for DUI and other charges after crashing into a parked car and attempting to flee the scene.

According to the team, Berry was released because of “personal conduct which adversely affects the club.”

“We have repeatedly stressed to everyone in our organization that there will be appropriate consequences when an expected standard of behavior is not upheld,” said Lions’ president Tom Lewand.

This isn’t the first time a DUI arrest has cost someone their job. Motorists arrested for DUI frequently get fired from their positions or have difficulty finding a new job, in addition to all the penalties and fees they incur. Luckily though, there is a way to fight a DUI charge and ensure you do not suffer the full extent of the penalties you may have otherwise been subjected to. Turn to a DUI lawyer immediately following your arrest to file a claim and protect your rights.

DUI defense lawyers analyze your case to determine if you were unfairly arrested. They will do everything in their power to make sure your charges are either significantly reduced or cleared altogether, especially if there is insufficient proof that you were intoxicated.

A DUI conviction can completely change a motorist’s life for the worst, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. When you solicit the help of a DUI attorney, you can rest assured your case will end quickly and with the best possible outcome. Call to schedule a […]

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Detroit Lions’ Aaron Berry Arrested for DUI

ARRISBURG, PA – Detroit Lions cornerback Aaron Berry has been charged with drunk driving following a weekend car accident.

Berry, 24, was arrested around 4 a.m. Saturday after crashing his car into several parked vehicles then attempting to flee the scene. No one was injured and Berry was eventually arrested.

The NFL star was charged with suspicion of DUI, failure to stop at an accident, and other misdemeanors. He released a statement through his agent apologizing for his actions.

“I want to offer a sincere apology to the Lions organization, Lions fans, the coaches and all my teammates for my actions this past weekend,” read the statement. “This is not the example I want to set for young people and it’s certainly not what my team and coaches expect from me. I promise to do everything in my power to make sure this never happens again. I understand these are just words and it will be my future actions that ultimately will speak for me.”

DUIs are serious charges that can lead to numerous consequences for those convicted. Anyone found guilty of driving under the influence may have to pay expensive fines and fees, be ordered to perform community service, or may even be sent to prison. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in New York, contact a DUI attorney immediately to fight for your case.

Many times, motorists are unfairly arrested for drunk driving, either because there was insufficient evidence against them or because they were issued a faulty breath test. If this has happened to you, rest assured your New York DUI lawyer will not rest until your charges are cleared.

Contact a New York DUI defense lawyer today to discuss your options and file […]

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Missouri Man with 14 DUIs Gets Charged Again

Branson, MO- A 50 year-old Missouri man with 14 prior DUI convictions has been charged intoxicated driving again following an incident in Kansas.

According to the Kansas City Star, John Charles Howard of Branson was arrested in Johnson City after he wrecked his car and threatened a man with a knife. Howard had left the scene but returned in a car while police were still there. He then fled the scene again.

Police then engaged Howard in a pursuit. He was driving on U.S. 69 when he lost control as attempted to exit, then struck a sign and flipped his car.

Police have charged him with his 15th DUI offense, evading police and driving with a suspended license.
Howard has previous DUI convictions in Kansas and Missouri. He was incarcerated numerous times for his convictions and isn’t allowed to have a driver’s license.

A 15th DUI arrest should have some serious consequences, and even with a strong defense, a DUI attorney would have significant difficulties getting any leniency for Howard.

The overwhelming majority of people, who are arrested for DUI, don’t commit the offense more than once. They learn the hard way that a few drinks can lead to an arrest and make it necessary to retain a Missouri DUI lawyer.

Whether you have one or more DUI charges, you will need to enter the court with an effective DUI defense. Your Missouri DUI attorney will be able to contest the charges or results of breathalyzer but you must enlist their help immediately.

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Mississippi DUI Arrests Increase over Memorial Day Weekend

Biloxi, MS- Mississippi police issued more DUI citations this Memorial Day weekend than last year, but luckily there were no fatalities related to drunk driving.

Troopers statewide issued 8,367 DUI citations over the weekend, representing an 80 percent increase over last year when 4,343 tickets were issued.

In total, 216 people were arrested for intoxicated driving, up 85 percent over last year’s number of 117.

During the majority of holiday weekends police agencies in all states step up their efforts to catch drunken drivers through increased patrols and DUI checkpoints. Getting charged with a DUI can have severe consequences and necessitates that those charged retain a Mississippi DUI attorney to represent them in court.

Troopers in Biloxi issued the majority of citations totaling 1,534 tickets written. Batesville troops made 39 DUI arrests and caught the majority of intoxicated drivers.

Drunken drivers not only pose a danger to themselves, but to other drivers as well. Thousands upon thousands of people are killed or injured on our nation’s roads by intoxicated drivers. For this reason, the courts punish offenders harshly. The only way to minimize the ensuing penalties of a DUI is to hire a DUI lawyer to build a strong defense.

Even a simple DUI citation can lead to a restricted driver’s license or a possible jail term. Regardless of whether you have a misdemeanor or felony DUI charge you will need adequate legal representation. With the assistance of a Mississippi DUI attorney, the offender will be able to get a reduction in charges and leniency from the courts.



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