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Church or Jail? Oklahoma Man Gets Unusual Sentence for DUI Conviction

Tyler AlredMuskogee, OK- An Oklahoma judge has given a teenager who caused a fatal traffic accident after drinking a chance to redeem himself by attending church instead of going to jail.

In the early morning hours of Dec. 3rd, 2011, Tyler Alred, who was sixteen at the time crashed his pickup into a tree. His passenger and friend John Luke Dum, also sixteen, was killed.

As police questioned Alred about the accident, the teen admitted that he had been drinking prior to the accident. Two tests showed that his blood-alcohol level was 0.06 and 0.07, just below the 0.08 threshold of being legally drunk. Because he was under age, he was considered drunk under the law and was charged with DUI-related manslaughter, the Tulsa World News reported.

In August of this year, Alred pled guilty to the manslaughter charge, but instead of sentencing him to jail he was given 10 years of probation during which he must take drug and alcohol tests for a year, participate in victim impact panels, graduate from high school, graduate from welding school, and attend church every Sunday for the duration of his probation, according to The Huffington Post.

For some this poses a legal dilemma because of the separation of church and state. The judge in Allred’s case has included church in other sentences.

“My client goes to church every Sunday,” his defense attorney Dan Baker said in court, “This isn’t going to be a problem for him.”

Drunk drivers, because of their lowered inhibitions, often implicate themselves when they are stopped by police. This gives the prosecution evidence to use against you increasing the possibility of getting […]

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What did a 7th DUI Arrest get for his DUI Arrest? Four Years in Prison

What happens after repeat DUI offenses? Jail time, at least for one motorist. A Whatcom County man has been sentenced to four years in prison following his seventh DUI arrest. The suspect was driving his motorcycle drunk and crashed, injuring his 70-year-old fiancée.

The accident occurred back in February, when Warren Joe McCutchen, 64, picked up his fiancée from her wheelchair and placed her on the back of a 1992 Kawasaki motorcycle outside his home on Waldren Drive. McCutchen had been drinking, and witnesses reported he was swerving as he was driving. McCutchen failed to stop at an intersection, lost control of the motorcycle and crashed, leaving his fiancée with leg injuries.

A blood alcohol content test revealed McCutchen’s level at was blood alcohol content was 0.21 percent, almost three times the legal limit. He pleaded guilty this week to vehicular assault, two counts of driving under the influence and two counts of driving with a suspended license.

McCutchen was ordered him to serve four years and five months in prison for his seventh DUI offense.

Have you been recently arrested for driving under the influence? There are many times in which motorists are arrested without having truly been intoxicated. If you believe this has happened to you, seek help with a DUI attorney to discuss your options and file a case.

DUI lawyers do everything in their power to help you have your charges lowered or possibly dismissed altogether. If your attorney uncovers that there was insufficient evidence in your case to convict you, rest easy knowing that you will walk away from your case with the best possible outcome.

For more information on filing a claim, contact a […]

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Ohio Man Arrested for DUI Twice at the Same Time in One Day How is that Possible?

Urbana, OH- On the same day, one Urbana man was arrested for DUI twice at the same exact time, 1:08 a.m. But he isn’t a time traveler attempting to correct a past mistake, he just happened to be driving drunk during the recent daylight savings time.

According to the Smoking Gun, Niles Gammon, 22, was stopped by an officer when he was spotted driving the wrong-way down an alley around 1:08 a.m. on November 4th. The arresting officer noted in his report that Gammon’s eyes were glassy and he reeked of booze.

When the officer asked Gammon to submit to a breathalyzer, he heard clanging in the drunken man’s mouth.  That’s when the officer discovered Gammon had a bunch of pennies in mouth, apparently trying to trying to influence the results of a breathalyzer. The officer informed Gammon that the penny trick is a myth.

The breathalyzer registered Gammons BAC at .116, and he was taken into custody. Gammon was released to an adult at 2 a.m., but because of the time change the hour ticked back to 1 a.m.

As another officer was driving in the municipal parking lot, a car sped out of a parking space and came roaring at him. Guess who was driving the car? You got it. It was Gammon, who obviously didn’t learn his lesson from the previous hour.

The second officer took Gammon into custody again at the same exact time as his first arrest. Now he has to deal with the legal hassles of two DUIs.

A first DUI is a headache, but a second is like a migraine. It will stick with for a very long time. Some DUI offenders are tempted to […]

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Repeat DUI Offender Arrested Following Series of Accidents in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A woman with three prior DUI convictions was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence on Thursday morning after injuring a pedestrian in San Francisco.

The suspect, Cerena Barros, 23, of San Jose, was involved in a series of DUI crashes beginning at around two in the morning. Barros drove a 2004 Jeep Cherokee onto westbound Interstate 80 at the end of the Bay Bridge using the Fourth Street on-ramp, which was closed for construction.

A California Highway Patrol officer tried to stop her, but Barros sped away and exited the freeway at the Mission Street/Van Ness Avenue off-ramp. Barros continued heading south to 15th and Natoma streets, where she crashed into a parked car, which in turn, hit victim Aaron Wells, who had been walking on the sidewalk with his bicycle. Wells suffered minor wounds to his legs and was treated at San Francisco General Hospital.

After crashing into the car, Barros continued to 17th Street and South Van Ness Avenue, where she crashed into a traffic-signal box and knocked out signals at the intersection. CHP officers finally arrested her and charged her with suspicion of felony hit-and-run, evading officers, driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, and other charges related to controlled substances. Her blood-alcohol level was over 0.08 percent, the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle, according to CHP.

Have you been recently arrested for driving drunk? If so, seek legal help right away with an experienced DUI lawyer to contest your charges. With the help of a skilled attorney, your charges may be diminished or even dismissed altogether.

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Red Wings’ Sheahan Charged with DUI and Giving False Information to Police

Riley Sheahan1Grand Rapids, MI- Detroit Red Wings’ Riley Sheahan is in hot water again following a DUI arrest at the end of October.

Sheahan, 20, was arrested in Grand Rapids on October 29th and charged with DUI and giving false information to police. Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Allen Noles told The Detroit Free Press that Sheahan was “driving with a high blood-alcohol level above .17, and giving false information.”

Though Noles was unclear about what incorrect information Sheahan gave to police he said it could entail “providing a false name, date of birth, or presenting themselves as somebody else.”

General Manager Ken Holland said, “I’m aware that Riley was charged with DUI. We’re handling it internally. He sat out a game. We’ve talked to him. We’re aware of what’s happened.”

This isn’t the first time Sheahan has been in trouble; in 2010 as a freshman at Notre Dame he was charged with public intoxication.

This past year, numerous pro and college athletes in the NBA, the NFL, and the NHL have been arrested for drunk driving and is a problem that these associations need to address. Many people including kids look up to athletes and these repeated arrests set a bad example for their fans.

Even if a DUI offender is a pro-athlete, they still have numerous legal challenges before them and must face the possibility of having their license suspended and even spending some time in jail. They need to have a knowledgeable DUI attorney working on their behalf. With the right defense an offender can avoid conviction or a strict penalty.

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