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Women Behaving Badly; Florida Driver Bribes Officer with Sexual Favors, Are DUIs Increasing Among Women?

Palm Beach County, FL-Everyday hundreds of people are arrested for drunk driving, the incidents are fairly routine and not always news worthy. However there are two DUI arrests involving women that caught our attention here at DUI Lawyers Now. And made us wonder if drunk driving among women is increasing?

Although it’s not nice to laugh at other people’s troubles, this story from Palm Beach County, Florida is kind of amusing. It involves a 53 year-old middle school teacher who tried to bribe her way out of a DUI over the weekend.

Sunday night Palm Beach pulled over Mary Maloney, who looks like your average mom or grandmother, because she rammed her van into a pickup truck in Greenacres and fled the scene, the Broward-Palm Beach New Times reported.

After locating and pulling Maloney over, the arresting officer noticed an empty jug of wine in her backseat and she smelled strongly of alcohol. When the officer informed her she was going to be arrested for impaired driving she tried to talk her way of the arrest.

Maloney asked the officer, “How much do I have to pay you to just let me go?” She then tried eliciting some leniency by informing the officer she was a teacher. But neither of those ploys worked so she stepped in up notch.

Maloney then allegedly offered to give the officer a blow job and let him feel up her boobs if he would just let her go. The officer however was not interested in taking her up on sexual favors and she added the charged of attempt to bribe a public officer to her other charges which included suspicion of DUI, fleeing the scene of accident and driving with […]

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Virginia Driver Gets 12th DUI Conviction; When Will He Stop Driving Drunk?

POTSYLVANIA, Va. – A Virginia man doesn’t seem to know his limits when it comes to drinking and driving. The repeat DUI offender was recently convicted for the 12th time in a driving under the influence case and will now serve the maximum sentence. But will that be enough to get him off the streets?

According to police, 44-year-old David Marion Apraham, of Spotsylvania, received a seven-year sentence on Tuesday in Spotsylvania Circuit Court for his DUI incident. Apraham pleaded guilty in August to driving drunk, driving on a suspended license and refusing to take a breath test.

Court records show that he already has two prior DUI convictions in Williamsburg and Colonial Heights, six in Mississippi and three in Alabama. He may be drunk while doing it, but Apraham sure knows how to get around.

Spotsylvania County deputy prosecutor Tom Shaia explained Apraham was supposed to be on house arrest in Mississippi when his latest DUI incident occurred in November 2011.

In addition, Apraham faces DUI charges in North Carolina and Washington state.

Have you been arrested for driving drunk? Are you facing jail time or other penalties? Do you feel as though you were unfairly charged? If so, turn to a DUI lawyer immediately for help in contesting your arrest in court.

DUI lawyers work diligently to make sure your charges are either significantly decreased or eliminated altogether. If your attorney discovers that there was not enough evidence to convict you or if a faulty breathalyzer test was used, rest easy knowing that they will not allow you to be convicted for a crime there is insufficient proof you committed.

To fight your charges, contact a DUI attorney today to discuss […]

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Boat Dealer Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for BUI

Orlando, FL – An Orlando boat dealer has been sentenced to six years in prison following a fatal boating under the influence accident.

Mark David Watts, 51, the owner of Liquid Sports Marine, was sentenced following a July 30, 2006 accident, which resulted in the death of a 20-year-old woman, as well as contributed to several others getting hurt.

The deceased, Shelby Harper, was killed after Watts operated his speed boat while under the influence of alcohol on Lake Irma in east Orange County. The BUI incident took place around 4:30 am.  Harper and her friends had met Watts and his wife at the nightclub Roxy’s and Watts invited them to his home after the club closed for the night.

Some people decided not to get into the vessel after witnessing Harper fall into the water when attempting to get onboard, but Harper and a few others boarded the vessel. Watts did not turn on his lights and sped off, soon crashing into a dock. Some of the passengers sustained fractures and other injuries and Harper suffered a broken neck. She was taken to an area hospital where she died of her injuries.

Watts admitted to having eight alcoholic drinks before operating his boat that night. In addition to his prison sentence, he was also ordered to serve three years’ probation and the judge ordered him to speak publicly about the dangers of operating a motor vehicle while drunk.

If you have been arrested for an alcohol-related incident, turn to a DUI lawyer immediately for help to protect your rights. DUI lawyers do everything possible to have your charges lowered or possibly dismissed altogether, especially if there is insufficient evidence proving […]

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Chicago Man Arrested For His 15th DUI – Will He Ever Get Off The Road?

CHICAGO – While most people change their ways after getting caught drinking and driving the first time, one Elgin man just doesn’t seem to understand the severity of a DUI charge.

After 15 DUIs and four revoked licenses, nothing seems to deter Juan Diaz from getting on the roadways while under the influence. Diaz was most recently pulled over on Oct. 20 as Diaz after Elgin police spotted him swerving his white Econoline van west on I-90.

Although officers realized he was intoxicated, it wasn’t until Diaz was taken to a Kane County police station and fingerprinted that his slew of previous arrests came to light. According to officers, Diaz has used as many as eight aliases to evade law enforcement officials. A system search found several names matching up with Diaz’ face, leading officers to realize he had multiple fake licenses.

“How someone could accumulate that many arrests and still be driving, I don’t know,” said Elgin Police Cmdr. Glenn Theriault to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Diaz is facing between six and 30 years in jail with no chance of probation. He is now being charged with a Class X felony DUI since he has incurred over six DUI convictions.

While 15 DUIs is excessive and warrants an arrest, there are many motorists that are charged with DUI unfairly. Either the officer used a faulty breath test or arrested the driver on suspicion of intoxication alone. If this has happened to you, turn to a DUI lawyer immediately to file a case and protect your rights.

DUI lawyers see to it that your case resolves with the best possible outcome and will do everything possible to get your charges lowered or […]

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Arkansas Groups Fight to Ban Legalization of Medical Marijuana

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – Have you been prescribed medical marijuana and live in Arkansas? If so, you might soon be getting a DUI instead of treatment. Law enforcement officials across Arkansas along with the state’s chamber of commerce are opposing a measure on next month’s ballot that would legalize medical marijuana.


State drug director Fran Flener and other law enforcement officials in the state spoke out against the opposed act that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Flener and others argue that by legalizing the drug for medical purposes, the rate of substance abuse would increase.  Flener said she and the groups plan to speak out against the issue across the state.


Marijuana is an illicit substance and those found smoking it may be issued a DUI charge. A DUI is extremely difficult to beat on your own and if you lose your case, you can face expensive penalties, may lose your license or may even be sent to prison. In order to contest your charges and ensure the best outcome for your case, it is advised that you hire a DUI lawyer in Arkansas so you don’t incur the fullest extent of available penalties.


DUI lawyers defend your rights and make sure that your case resolves with the best outcome imaginable. They will investigate the incident and if they find that you were charged without sufficient evidence proving you were intoxicated, your DUI attorney will make sure your charges are either significantly lowered or completely cleared.


A DUI conviction can stay on your record forever, even causing you to lose your job and civil rights. Don’t waste any time and speak to a […]

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