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Florida Man Charged for Fatal DUI and Fleeing the Scene, How Many People are Killed by Drunk Drivers on an Annual Basis

Drunk Driving GraphicSarasota, FL- A Sarasota man was killed early Friday morning after a drunk driver t-boned his vehicle and fled the scene on foot. While this was a tragedy, fatal DUIs are not unusual; just how many people are killed by drunk drivers annually?

The tragedy on Florida unfolded just before 1 a.m. Friday morning at the intersection of U.S. 301 and 47th Street. Siosaia Founa, 29, of Bradenton was driving a 1995 Mercury in the northbound lanes of U.S. 301 when he slammed into a Ford Mustang driven by Scoot Parker, 55, The Sarasota Patch reported.

The front of Founa’s Mercury crashed into the left side of Parker’s Ford. Founa then fled the scene on foot, leaving his car behind.

Parker was pronounced dead at the scene.

Founa was later located by police and taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and police determined he was intoxicated. He has been subsequently charged with DUI manslaughter, driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident involving death.

Court records showed that Founa has an extensive criminal record which included previous DUI charges, and felony robbery, The Sarasota

In 2001, Founa was charged with his first DUI which resulted in probation, which he later violated.

Founa once again was charged and convicted of DUI in 2009. He also received a third charged of driving on a suspended license.

Though courts try to impose penalties to discourage drunk driving, at least 50 percent of convicted drunk drivers will become repeat offenders and subsequent DUIs can become deadly as the incident in Florida clearly demonstrates.

The most recent study of alcohol-impaired accidents conducted by the NHTSA in 2010 found that one […]

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Traveling For Thanksgiving? Be Warned; Repeat DUI Violations Jump During the Holidays

New York, NY- If you are like thousands of people you will take to the roads and travel hundreds of miles your family and other loved ones. But did you know that the worst DUI offenders are also on the roads.

A new report by the Alcohol Monitoring Systems which tracks the alcohol usage of repeat DUI offenders showed that DUI-related violations shoot up 54 percent over the long Thanksgiving weekend. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Thanksgiving is the second most deadly alcohol-related holiday, just behind New Year’s Eve when incidents jump by 62 percent.

For many people, it just takes a few drinks to push them over the legal limit and offenders often don’t realize they are too intoxicated to drive. And some repeat offenders sometimes just don’t care; 50 percent of people charge with one or more DUIs will drive drunk again.

Since the holidays are gearing up, law enforcement in every city and state will be ramping up their DUI patrols and checkpoints. The impact that drunk driving has on communities can be immense so police and courts take DUIs very seriously.

Any driver charged with DUI has the opportunity to defend themselves and possibly sidestep a conviction. But in order to do this, they must contact a DUI attorney immediately to begin working on their case. By acting quickly, the accused can give their attorney the time necessary to build an effective defense and help them stay out of jail.

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How is This Possible? Minnesota Man Free After 27 DUI Arrests

New York Mills, MN- A Minnesota man free even though he has racked up 27 DUI arrests, which is likely a record for any repeat offender. But even with this many arrests, how is it possible for him to be free?

Danny Bettcher is well-known in the community. He has a staggering 27 arrests for DUI, and even though he has spent short stints in jail, ranging from 6 months to 1 year, he is let go only to drink and drive again.

Bettcher’s arrests date back to 1980, but for years DUI’s were only treated as felonies if they involved injury or death. That law changed in 2004 and now if a person gets charged with a fourth offense within a ten year period a DWI becomes felony and Bettcher has sentenced to jail under the new law twice.

But even prison time hasn’t stopped Bettcher from repeating his destructive behavior.  He has refused to participate in addiction programs while incarcerated and courts can’t force him to attend, even in jail.

Every state has different laws, and in many repeat offenders are given longer jail times. But what can be done to stop someone like Bettcher from repeatedly driving drunk?

While lax drunk driving laws are beneficial to first or second offenders, giving them the chance to avoid jail time for what could have been a simple mistake, the laws may not be tough enough to address the problem of people who drink and drive dozens of times. Often these individuals can stop a conviction all together as long as they hire a DUI attorney to build their defense.

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Bobby Brown Arrested for DUI, Again?

Encino, CA- Singer Bobby Brown spent some time in jail Wednesday after he was arrested for his second DUI in seven months.

Brown, ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston, was stopped for a routine traffic violation a little before 1 a.m. just a few miles away from his Encino, California, home.

“He was pulled over for a traffic violation and based on the officer’s observations; he was arrested and booked for driving under the influence,” Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Pablo Monterrosa told the New York Daily News, “He failed a combination of the field sobriety test and breathalyzer.”

This is Brown’s second arrest for intoxicated driving this year. In March, just after Houston’s death, Brown was stopped by police for talking on his cell phone when they determined that he was under the influence. At that time the “My Prerogative” singer was belligerent with police, but reports say he was cooperative with his latest arrest.

When Brown went to court for his first DUI this year, he managed to dodge a jail sentence by agreeing to participate in an alcohol rehabilitation program, which he attended during the summer.

Brown has had a history with drug abuse and this most recent arrest is his third for intoxicated driving. In 1996, he spent 8 days in jail after he was convicted for his first DUI.

Over half of the people who are arrested for their first DUI are destined to be repeat offenders. Regardless of whether a person is facing their first, second or even their third, they will need a strong defense developed by a savvy DUI attorney to represent them when they face […]

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New Kansas Law to Target Repeat DUI Offenders

KANSAS – Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe is pushing a new law that will target repeat DUI offenders in Kansas.

Beginning July 1, the state will mandate jail time for repeat offenders who refuse breath or blood tests after being stopped for suspicion of drunk driving.

The law was created to ensure repeat offenders are unable to dodge a conviction due to lack of evidence from a blood or breath test.

According to Howe, about 30 percent of motorists stopped for suspicion of intoxication refused tests this year.

“These people pose a threat,” he said. “We need to hold them accountable.”

First-time DUI offenders will be exempt from the new law, but may still have their driver’s license suspended if they refuse to submit to testing.

The problem, said Howe, lies in the fact that many repeat DUI offenders continue to drive with or without a license, so that punishment does not serve as a deterrent to offenders.

However, critics of the law argue that it will cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars and will interfere with a motorist’s constitutional rights.

“There’s going to be a non-stop parade of litigation while this law is in effect,” said Jay Norton.

DUI penalties can be extremely severe, ranging from expensive fines to community service to even jail time. If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Kansas, contact a DUI lawyer immediately for help.

With a leading Kansas DUI attorney on your side, you can rest assured that your case will end favorably. Your lawyer will investigate the incident and ensure that you are not held accountable for a crime there is insufficient proof you committed.

Call to get started with […]

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