CALIFORNIA – The son of Merced County California District Attorney, Dylan Morse, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after having killed a man and leaving another in a coma while driving under the influence.

Eighteen year old Morse plead guilty to the charges involved with his DUI after a car crash on February 14 left one student, Alex Ruiz, 22, dead and two others injured. One of the injured victims being Ryne Spitzer, 19, one of his best friends, who was left with permanent disabilities.

The accident took place after Morse, who had been drinking, ran a red light, causing him to collide with Ruiz on Highway 116 and Stony Point Road.

Morse’s DUI lawyer, Chris Andrian calls the sentence “grossly unfair and unjust.”  He claims that Morse was resentful for the accident and is seeking help with alcohol addiction.

The maximum sentence for the offense Morse is being charged with  is 15 years but he must serve at least ten.