EVERETT, WA – A two-year-old boy was hospitalized after police who were arresting his mother believed he may have been high on heroin.

Officers pulled Camie Bena, 22, over in Everett, Washington on March 22.  Her boyfriend, who was also in the car, was arrested on a warrant as well as other charges.

During his arrest, officers noticed a needle loaded with what appeared to be heroin, as well as other heroin paraphernalia, in Bena’s purse.

Bena was then arrested as well on suspicion of possession of heroin and reckless endangerment.

An officer was worried that the small boy may have been intoxicated on heroin while Bena was smoking it in the car. The toddler was tested for drugs in his system and was turned over to Child Protective Services. Bena was taken to the Snohomish County jail and held on $11,000 bail.

The boy was previously placed with the agency after another DUI incident involving Bena when he was just 6 months old. The incident took place in April, 2010, when Bena crashed her car into a ditch while high on marijuana and PCP.

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