SAN CARLOS, California – The day after taking himself out of the running for mayor of San Carlos, Vice Mayor Andy Klein got some good yet bitter news. Klein learned that he will not be charged for DUI after having been arrested earlier this month.


A blood test that was taken following his arrest determined that he was not legally intoxicated, therefore, getting him off the hook.

“Wow, I wish I had known this yesterday,” Klein said. “I think it would have changed some things. … I am gratified … I believed from the beginning that charges wouldn’t have been filed.”

Klein assumed mayoral duties following the passing of the then-mayor Omar Ahmad, who died of a heart attack on May 10. At a Monday night council meeting, Klein asked not to be considered for the position due to the DUI charge, which, ironically, he was not found guilty of.

Klein, 29, was arrested on May 12 after a sheriff’s deputy noticed that his vehicle was parked on the shoulder of Edgewood Road near the northbound Interstate 280 off-ramp. Klein told the officer that he had pulled over to answer a phone call.

An initial breathalyzer test revealed that Klein’s blood-alcohol level was 0.08 percent, which is the minimum required for a motorist to be charged with DUI. However, a blood test that was administered nearly two hours later showed that his BAC was at 0.07 percent.

Authorities added that the decision to not press charges against Klein was influenced by the fact that he was not observed to have been driving. After having performed field sobriety tests, Klein also did not show signs of impairment.

After the DUI charges were dropped, Klein said he wants to be considered for the position of mayor once again.

“I will be putting my name forward for the position and hope the council will confirm me at its earliest convenience,” posted Klein on his Twitter account.

Klein is still serving as acting mayor because the city council could not agree on who to replace him.

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